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An experienced automotive locksmith in Bay Ridge Brooklyn is just a phone call away. Over a decade in business has given our car locksmith Bay Ridge Brooklyn business the expertise and know-how to become one of the most successful locksmith companies in the area. When a customer sees our fully loaded van coming around the corner, they know the cavalry has arrived.

We have a reliable 20-minute response guarantee. In less than half an hour a dependable and honest technician will be at your side, able to assess your needs and get straight to work. Your time is valuable, and we respect that.

In Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY What Makes Our Auto Car Locksmith the Best?

You’ve heard the term jack of all trades, master of none. We’ve gathered a team of professionals that makes our business a jack and master of all locksmith trades. We have a specialist for every automotive locksmith Bay Ridge Brooklyn need. Auto locksmith near me services in Bay Ridge Brooklyn are just one of our areas of expertise.

If you need replacement car keys, not a problem! Our key maker is able to make a transponder key and cut an ignition key. Been locked out of your car? No worries. Our professionals will be at your side in less than a half an hour to get you back into your car.

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Our Key Maker Will Cut a Transponder Key in Minutes

Where do you go when you need a new key fob? By now, you should know what the answer is … us! We are one of the only Bay Ridge Brooklyn auto locksmith shops that has a key maker with this ability. Another car locksmith in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY would have to send away to the dealership for your new transponder key.

Not us. We invested our money into creating this convenience for you. Come down to the shop today and get a duplicate key before your fob battery dies. But if it happens on the road, you know we’ll come to you.

Fast and Easy Replacement Car Keys by

It’s always a good idea to make a copy vehicle key. That way you never have to worry about replacement car keys. We understand that not everyone has that foresight though. Bay Ridge Brooklyn locksmith makes getting replacement car keys easy. Give us a call when you’re in need.

A New Ignition Key Is Not a Problem – Fiona Car Locksmith

Most older vehicles still use a simple ignition key. The technology to replace these older keys is not completely obsolete, though. Count on us to be your auto locksmith Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY destination for a new or duplicate ignition key. We have several styles to choose from.