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Keyless Entry Door Locks – Durable Door Locks

Keyless entry door locks are advanced and trending door locks. As the name implies, keyless entry door locks do not need keys. They use other means of locking and unlocking the locks. For your keyless entry door locks installation, call Fiona Locksmith.

Keyless Entry Door Locks Services

Fiona Locksmith was established in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY and provided quality. We provide a durable keyless entry door locks service. We provide more locksmith services than keyless entry door locks. Some of which are: combination lock installation and fitting, keypad lock repair, change of electric lock, magnetic lock fitting, and many other locksmith services. Do not hesitate to call us. All of the services we provide are carried out by our quality locksmiths. We have the best locksmiths in the city. Our services are trusted by all of the residents of our city. We keep to our word, and we won’t let you down. Book our services today to be a benefactor of our undisputable quality. From our online platforms via websites, email, and other of our available online platforms, or you can just reach out to us via phone call. We are ready to satisfy you.

Combination Lock – The Lock Of Higher Quality

A combination lock is a type of keyless entry door lock. It uses your combination of the locks to unlock and lock it. It has a dial and a series of numbers, an alphabet, or symbols on it, to unlock it, the dial would be turned to the unlocking combination of numbers, symbols, or letters. Some use just symbols, others just letters, and some just numbers. Some locks also use two or all letters, symbols, and numbers to lock them. If you need a affordable locksmith to help you fix and set up your locks, reach out to us. Keyless entry door locks are of advanced technology and require a lot of expertise.

Keypad Lock – Advanced Lock Of Infallible Quality

Have you been frustrated by going about with a bunch of keys? Do you need an easy fix of durable quality? The keypad lock should be your lock. This is a type of keyless entry door lock that uses a keypad to operate. One of the purposes of these locks is to minimize the use of keys and improve security. The keypad lock is one of the easiest-to-use locks. It has a keypad right beside the lock, for example, a door frame. All you need to do is punch in the right keys and it will be unlocked.

Electric Lock – A Dependable Keyless Lock

You must be certain of the power supply before using an electric lock as your lock of choice. It operates on electricity, and when there is a power failure, it can lead to a lockout if you do not have a standby power supply in place. Some electric locks have keyholes in case of a power surge, to unlock and lock them. They can have their separate panels mounted on the wall close to the door. And they can also be connected to the existing panels. The electric lock is a very good keyless entry door lock.

Magnetic Lock – High-End Security Door Locks

These locks has a lot of advantages that come with it. They are very strong and durable. It can be used on glass doors, and it won’t cause damage. The magnetic lock operates by using electromagnetism. It also requires electricity. It needs electricity to lock doors. They have a switch put in place as a control measure. When they are switched on, the magnet is energized and it locks. It also requires the need for a backup power supply. When power fails, the magnet isn’t energized and the locks will be unlocked. You need a backup power supply if you want to choose a magnetic lock as your type of keyless entry door locks.

Fiona Locksmith – The Best Locksmith In The City

Fiona Locksmith is based in the city of Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY. We are a professional locksmith offering quality locksmith services to the community. For all of your locksmith troubles, including mobile auto locksmith services, call us. For all of your keyless entry door locks, reach out to us. To also get quality combination locks, contact us. We supply the best quality of locks. Do not doubt our quality.

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Keyless Entry Door Locks - FAQ

All of the keyless entry door locks are safe to use at home. They provide good security for your apartments and also reduce your key burdens. They are very safe for home use.

One of the good things about a combination lock is that you can always reset it. If you forget your combination or there is a security breach, you can always reset it.

The keypad’s lock is very strong and can resist pressure. If it’s a keypad lock or any other lock, if it’s not graded by ANSI, then you should avoid it. All quality locks are graded, the least grade being grade 3, and the highest grade being grade 1.

There is a need for a power supply to open an electric lock. That is why it is advisable to have a dependable backup power supply. Some electric locks have keyholes for emergency use, but you can’t guarantee that you’ll carry your key about. It is best to have a backup plan.

Like all electric locks, the magnetic lock also requires the use of electricity. If you have a good backup power supply in your building, you are good to go.