Unlocking the Mystery: How Does Key Cutting Work?

When it comes to locksmithing, key cutting plays an indispensable role, providing customers with duplicate residential, commercial, or automotive keys. Whether you’ve lost a key or simply need a spare, understanding this intricate process is both fascinating and valuable.

Key cutting might appear simple, but it actually requires a high degree of precision and expertise. It’s not just about replicating a shape; each cut must be meticulously matched to the lock’s pins or wafers. This, in turn, demands a keen eye, steady hand, and extensive knowledge of the various types of keys and cutting methods.

Article Summary:

In this guide, Fiona Locksmith, a leading provider in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, guides you through the key cutting process. Our skilled locksmiths utilize state-of-the-art machinery and techniques. We ensure duplicate keys align perfectly with customer locks, revealing this fascinating process’s intricacies.

Step-by-Step Guide: The Precision Art of Key Cutting


Identifying the Key Type:

We start by determining the key to be duplicated, examining its profile, groove patterns, and blade length.


A locksmith closely examining a modern key to identify its type.

Selecting the Right Blank:

Next, we choose a blank that matches the original key’s specifications, ensuring the material and profile are just right.


A variety of modern key blanks displayed on a workbench.

Calibrating the Key Cutting Machine:

We meticulously calibrate the key cutting machine to match the original key’s dimensions, ensuring an exact duplicate.


 A locksmith adjusting the settings on a modern key cutting machine.

Making the Cuts:

Once we’ve selected the appropriate blank, we place it in the key cutting machine. From there, a guide meticulously replicates the original key’s cuts and grooves onto the blank, ensuring a precise match.


A modern blank being carefully cut by a key cutting machine.

Finishing Touches:

After cutting, we deburr the duplicate key to remove rough edges, guaranteeing a smooth fit in the lock.


A locksmith deburring a newly cut key.

Quality Check:

Finally, we test the duplicate key in the lock to ensure it operates seamlessly. Should any adjustments be necessary, we make them promptly to guarantee a perfect fit.


A locksmith testing a newly cut modern key in a contemporary lock.


Key cutting is a delicate, precise process that requires skilled locksmiths. Fiona Locksmith takes pride in providing top-notch services. We ensure each duplicate key meets our high standards of quality and precision. Our expert locksmiths use the latest technology and techniques to deliver flawless results. You can be confident your spare key will work perfectly every time.

Securing Your Peace of Mind with Fiona Locksmith

At Fiona Locksmith, we value reliable, precise duplicate keys. Our experienced team in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, is dedicated to exceptional key cutting services. We meet the highest standards of quality and precision, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Choose Fiona Locksmith and experience the difference professional expertise makes.

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